Obama has neglected us.

I just watched a powerful episode of ‘Blue Bloods’ (Tom Selleck as the Police Commissioner) and this particular episode hit a nerve. It was about a combat veteran who did several tours of duty in Afghanistan and came back from his most recent tour with a horrible case of PTSD where he could not get Afghanistan out of his mind. He was constantly ‘checking his 6,’ he was distant with his wife and son, he began physically abusing his wife and kidnapped his son. In the end, he jumped to his death off a building after police tried their best to talk him down.

Obama is not a ‘hero’ in any sense of the word. Obama takes credit for ending our involvement in Iraq, however not many people want to admit that the exit strategy for our troops from Iraq began long before Bush left office. So, Obama takes the pat on the back for ending our involvement in Iraq, while the very soldiers who came back have slipped through the cracks; many committing suicide, winding up homeless, being denied the benefits they have earned and in some serious cases, commit heinous crimes because they have such traumatic memories and lack of control.

The Veteran’s Administration has not grown to be anywhere near meeting the need of the growing hundreds of thousands of soldiers with medical problems, injuries and illnesses (both physical and mental). This is Obama’s fault. Instead of mandating that these needs be met, he has focused on getting care for illegal aliens and sending BILLIONS to help under privileged countries.

Obama is still non-responsive to the need of the soldiers still in harms way. He has allowed funding to become a state where our soldiers go without needed equipment, cutting out hot meals, and to top that off, cutting the pay of our Military retirees.

Obama keeps claiming he will bring our soldiers home, but it seems his foreign policy is so non-existent, he has no idea where to begin. He has fired many General Officers. Officers who could have been helpful in getting this to be a reality.

While Obama is playing kissy-face at Mandela’s funeral, taking inappropriate selfies (much to the chagrin of his wife) and taking trips to Hawaii, a 100 Million dollar vacation in Africa and golfing so often you’d think he could win a Master’s, our soldiers are being brought home in body bags.

I have news for Obama and the people who voted for this jackass twice: Bringing home our soldiers will not be a feather in anyone’s cap unless their needs (physically and emotionally) are met upon their return. While everyone in The House and Senate will be ‘glad handing’ with Obama for the successful return of our soldiers, families across the nation will be trying to adapt to the permanent changes this war has created at home.

You people, who have been making all this money because of this war (Politicians and their minions) better start putting together an action plan for how to make sure those needing treatment, get it. Some of these soldiers will be coming home while in their mind, they no longer have nothing to lose. They will be returning with thoughts of watching best friends dying, seeing bodies torn apart, guilty because they are coming home alive while their brothers gave their life, and some with the knowledge that their wife or husband have abandoned them in their absence.

This is a major issue that the President must be prepared to deal with. Obama is not. In fact, with all the dropped balls on his watch, I think it is safe to say that he has never been qualified to be the POTUS. Thank God for term limits.

This year will be a very important year in history. It begins with the elections this coming November 2014. If the House AND the Senate both become Republican majorities, then the structure will be put in place to have Obama face the music for his violations of laws and ignoring the rights provided this country in our Constitution. Hillary could finally face the music for her irresponsibility in the handling of the Benghazi situation.

Our country needs to begin healing, but we must first purge the disease that is making us sick.