Religion On Facebook – 2015

For sure. What a fkn joke this guy is. lol 馃槆

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Do you Serve God or The dollar?

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Jeff Metz
Jeff Metz He earned it. Why are people upset with him? He delivers The Word in a very heartfelt message I can feel.! Follow even some of his direction and watch things begin to happen. Thanx Joel you gave me hope. That is PRICELESS… It should be noted he spenSee More

Gregory White
Gregory White Sorry if I offended Jeff. I am a non-theist so I am skeptical of ALL religion. I am glad that you can find some hope or some kind if solace in his messages. However, you and I both know that the tax exempt status of churches is bull shit. And in my opinion so is the overall message that religion in general is sending out. Religion is bad. God is NOT good!

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Jeff Metz
Jeff Metz God is GREAT. May he help you, athiest. Offended.? Your soul, your choice. I am not mad just stating facts. Ever notice all Religions have a base beleif we all share.? “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

Gregory White
Gregory White Well I do appreciate the thought Jeff. 馃徎馃徎

Jeff Metz
Jeff Metz Mery Christmas…hahahahahahahahaa

Gregory White
Gregory White Ok buddy. Thanks. Happy Holidays to you and yours. Hope we are still friends.

Gregory White
Gregory White Oh just seen your edit on your previous comment. I too follow the “Golden Rule”. Can you believe that an old tired non-theist like myself.

Jeff Metz
Jeff Metz All of my freinds that are Athiests agree. Religion mucks everything and everybody up.

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Red Hoffman
Red Hoffman I live in a country where I have Freedom FROM Religion. Keep it to yourself, wise guy.

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Jeff Metz
Jeff Metz FREEDOM from assholes like you dipshit.

Red Hoffman
Red Hoffman Sound like a real Christian hypocrite. Say three Hail Mary’s and scrub the graffiti off your garage.

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Red Hoffman
Red Hoffman Gregory White…I wouldn’t be too upset about losing this man’s friendship.

Red Hoffman
Red Hoffman Ha…he has dropped and blocked me….wonderful!!

Red Hoffman
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Red Hoffman
Red Hoffman 400 MILLION DOLLAR property…tax free. Start taxing these churches and watch 75% of them dry up.

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Gregory White
Gregory White That’s a fact Red! Wouldn’t take very long, would it buddy? 馃徎

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Jeff Metz
Jeff Metz Find a job that takes no taxes.Quit bitchin because he out smarted you. Go pout in your room BOY.

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Red Hoffman
Red Hoffman DOH…what’s next, my friend…Momma jokes? FInd another hobby. Forcing your beliefs on others does not suit you.

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Jeff Metz
Jeff Metz not forcing shit. Just facts Red and you are hillbilly fucks jealous.

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Red Hoffman
Red Hoffman ^ Took seven minutes to formulate that response.^ Name calling is the second step when losing an argument.

Jeff Metz
Jeff Metz you did that first. You are a dumbass.Feel better hearing the truth ?

Red Hoffman
Red HoffmanBless you, son…
The Moral of this story:
I think people who love their religion is a wonderful thing, however, when you start praising your religion and trying to force it on others, this is where the hypocrisy begins. 聽Enjoy and embrace your religion…just don’t force it on others….it makes you angry and mean.


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