• So, I ordered a little something, something for my wife from Bradford Exchange on the 6th of December 2015. Here on 21 December, I have not yet received it. I had sent inquiries to the company twice in the last week to find out the status of my order. I had even received an email telling my the item would be shipped by the 17th of December. My last inquiry received no response at all. Well, I have now come to realize this gift will not be here for Christmas…, I can only hope to get something similar….but I will wait for Mother’s Day and I will not be getting it from Bradford Exchange.
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  • 1:37pmRed Hoffman I made an order on 6 December for an item I wanted for my wife on Christmas. Still not here…and getting very close to the 25th. My inquiries via your contact page on the website have gone unanswered as well. Some one please tell me what is going on.REDACTED
  • 1:38pmThe Bradford Exchange Hi Red, I can check your order status! Can you please send me your full billing address or client id#? Thanks. KB
  • 2:41pmRed Hoffman 12/7/2015 Thank You for Your Order | The Bradford Exchange Online1/1 Thank you for your order An email confirmation of this order is being sent to the address you provided. Please allow 1 business day for your information to appear online.

    Your order number is 940003757287

    Order Summary Your Billing Address REDACTED US Items: Price Qty. Redacted Item no: 120652001 4 installments of $32.25 US 1 $138.98 US*† Shipping Option: Standard Subtotal: Shipping & Service: Tax: Total: $138.98 $9.98 $0.00 $138.98

  • 2:42pmRed Hoffman Sorry…had to find my receipt This was dated 7 December 2015
  • 3:17pmThe Bradford Exchange Thank you for the information Red. Based on your order information I am very sorry to say that the payment authorization has not gone through and hence the delay. ~ At
  • 3:27pmRed Hoffman??? What? Why have you not informed me??? What must I do? The last email I got from your company was that the item would be shipped on the 17th….that was several days after I made the order.
  • 4:14pmThe Bradford Exchange I am very sorry Red. Our system is setup in a way that it would try sending authorization requests at least 4-5 times before sending out a manual invoice requesting for a payment. At this point I am unable to guarantee you the item by Christmas because all our personalized items take 3-4 weeks to get personalized and ship. ~ AT
  • 4:17pmRed Hoffman Well….I am very disappointed. Not good business on your part. I may reconsider for Mothers day. Thanks for your research.
  • 4:59pmThe Bradford ExchangeI totally understand your frustration Red. If it was not a personalized item I would have asked you for a different payment method and send you one right away with expedited shipping but this being a personalized order I am unable to do that. Please accept by sincerest apologies. ~ At
  • 6:38pmRed Hoffman It’s not your fault…but thanks for that. Communication is one of the most important aspects of business…and Bradford Exchange failed this time.
    This is the email I received from them after my purchase:Dear Customer,
Thank you for your order from The Bradford Exchange Online. We appreciate your business and hope you’ll enjoy your purchase for years to come.
Your order number is: 940003757287
Your Order:
Shipping to REDACTED
Item Name Item Number Qty. Price Shipping Method Estimated Arrival Had to REDACT because my wife will discover what this was – 1206520011$129.00 US*†Standard Thursday, Dec 24
* Your total cost will be billed in interest-free installments. The first installment will be billed at time of shipment. Subsequent installment charges are deducted monthly, from the payment method that was authorized at checkout, until the item is paid in full.
† This item will be personalized using the information you have provided.
Subtotal:$138.98 US Shipping & Service:$9.98 US Tax:$0.00 US Total:$138.98 US

Track Your Order from The Bradford Exchange Online!
Track the status of your order anytime! To check your order status now, just click hereThis was the last status I had on their website:

Order Summary

Order #940003757287 Item Name: REDACTED Item Number: 120652001 Item Status: Order Received Will ship by Thursday, Dec 17

It has been a while since I ordered from Bradford….and given this latest experience, it might be quite a while before I deal with them again in the future.



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 Now, I did not receive the item (as described in the blog post above)…and when I click on ‘No, I have not yet received this order’ it take me to a page where I am told to hold onto this email until I receive the order.

Something stinks about this entire situation.  I tried to give my wife a nice little gift…and Bradford Exchange gave me the jerk around.  Yep, I will not shop with them again.


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