Death and Heaven

OK…just floating through facebook, as I usually do…from friend to friend….seeing who to keep and who to drop….and I stumble on to this video. This video got my attention. I have never been a very religious man, but like I said, this video got my attention. It got me thinking. With the health scares I have had over the last year or so, I have been contemplating the afterlife…and if there even is one. If there is an afterlife …and it is filled with the people I love and miss, I think I want to be part of that. If there is an afterlife, I want to see my parents again. I want to see my lost brother, nephew, cousin, grandmothers ….everyone who has had an impact on my life.

For all of my life, I figured death was like …nothing. You cease to exist. Like going under anesthesia and not coming out of it. Nothing after….just ….nothing. To me, death was life’s final reward. No more stress…no more pain….just peace.

I do not fear death….I did when I was younger, but I have come to accept it and moved on with my life. It pains me when I hear of people committing suicide….especially veterans (who we lose to the tune of 22 per day). There is no respect in suicide. People can tsk, tsk, tsk all day long, but there is no excuse for killing yourself when there are so many ways of toughing it through your problems. So many people and programs to help you cope.

It pains me to learn of someone’s tragic death at a very young age. My nephew Joey Hoffman, my cousin Jayson Dimas Daday, my brother Joseph Hoffman. All died unexpectedly. Very painful news.

The young man who presented this very articulate and poetic speech is an inspiration to me. I am currently reading a book entitled ‘Muscle and a Shovel’ at a request of a former boss in the military and a dear friend of mine, CW4 (Ret) James Ross. The story is very interesting and I am beginning to develop a greater respect for religion and those who practise it.

Although I will never grasp the intensity of how religion is displayed by radical Muslims, I am sure there is a need for religion in all people’s hearts in one form or another. There is however, no room for anyone who practises a religion and causes pain or death because of their religious beliefs.

So, regardless of your actual religion…or in the cases where you do not follow any organized religion, but still have your own belief system (whatever that may be), we all share the same common ground. We die. Everyone dies. Some at a ripe old age of natural causes, some sadly, due to illness or disease and some even more sad, die dues to circumstances out of their control or suicide. We die. We know we are going to die. You learn to accept that and move on. Don’t waste your time worrying about when/how or if….accept the eventuality.

Get help if stress or anger, or any other uncontrollable issues have you considering suicide or just making life difficult to deal with. Please do not choose suicide as the answer to your problems.

Having said all of that. For people who are dealing with an illness or disease that will shorten their lives, causing unbearable pain and suffering, I truly believe that they should have the option to end their lives on their terms. Dr. Kevorkian was a man doing work well before it was an accepted practise. I believe assisted suicide should be an accepted medical procedure for those dealing with a very painful end of life disease. Politicians are all for allowing woman to make decisions when it comes to abortion, yet they still fight to keep assisted suicide from being an option to those who want it.

Watch the video below. Maybe you will get that little chill up your back, as I did when I watched it. Think about your life. Think about what you should do to make sure you are granted access to the afterlife that may be waiting for you.


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